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Newport Presents on Zero Energy Ready Homes at RESNET National Conference

Jamie Lyons of Newport recently presented on key design aspects of Zero Energy Ready Homes at the annual RESNET conference, in support of our work with the DOE Challenge Home program. One session covered design and construction strategies for locating ducts in conditioned space – a critical detail for getting homes to Zero Energy Ready levels of performance.


Newport Ventures

Newport Ventures

Newport Ventures is a sister company to Newport Partners. As a small, woman-owned research and consulting firm with expertise in the housing industry, Newport Ventures offers creativity and the ability to partner with the best in the industry. Ventures provides technical and marketing services, field and market research, and program management for their public and private sector clients.


Projects & Reports

Revisioning the American Dream
View the first survey results from Home Design and Attributes.

Residential Kitchen Makeup Air Webinar
Recently, Newport Partners, in conjunction with Broan Nutone and BEST, conducted a webinar “Residential Kitchen Makeup Air: Designing and Specifying Code Compliant Systems”. Download the slides from the presentation
or click here to watch the presentation.

Short-Term Test Results: Multifamily Home Deep Energy Efficiency Retrofit
Multifamily deep energy retrofits (DERs) represent great potential for energy savings, while also providing valuable insights for the multifamily housing industry. Learn more from this report on an energy retrofit analysis of the Bay Ridge Project.

Natural Disaster Housing Strategies

Safer, Stronger Homes: Reducing Your Risk During a Natural Disaster—Mitigation strategies for builders and homebuyers.
Strategies for Incremental Reconstruction of Disaster Damaged Homes—Rebuilding strategies after natural disasters to reduce displacement.

Featured Technology

All-in-One Kitchen Tap

All-in-One Kitchen Tap

InSinkErator, manufacturer of food waste disposals and instant hot water heaters, is unveiling a new product line, the all-in-one kitchen tap. The 3N1 model of the all-in-one kitchen tap provides added functionality to the kitchen sink by providing instant hot water in the same faucet used for hot and cold tap water. The product is scheduled for distribution later in 2014.


Energy TechTips Blog

April 15, 2014
Energy Efficiency vs. Environmentally Friendly: Consumer Perception

As we discussed in our last posting, NAHB recently conducted a study how housing preferences differ among the main racial/ethnic groups in the US.  One of the aspects examined in the study was energy efficiency.  While each of the four … Continue reading

Continued, read more....

What role does race/ethnicity play in housing preferences in the US?

EnergyStar V3 Requirements: Thermal Enclosure Checklist

Tomorrow’s Buildings Will Be Smarter Than Ever


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