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Judy Donahue - Business Administration

Judy Donahue has more than 30 years’ business administration experience, 23 years of which were with firms providing services to the Federal Government, as well as Local Government agencies. She has comprehensive knowledge in the areas of project accounting and analysis, budgeting, contract administration, reporting tools and procedures, and labor and revenue accounting principles. Ms. Donahue has expert computer application skills, and has developed complex Word documents and Excel workbooks. She has developed time and expense reporting tools and procedures which have contributed to timely submission of labor and reimbursable expenses. Ms. Donahue utilizes various tools to track, manage and report contract funding to ensure the task remains on budget. She is familiar with government reporting requirements and facilitates Newport Partners’ compliance with these contractual obligations.

Ms. Donahue provides direct technical support in the form of report preparation and meeting planning and preparation. Her indirect responsibilities include management of Newport Partners’ business management and contract administration functions. Her business management responsibilities include accounts payable and receivable, payroll, bank reconciliation, tax filings and payments, and employee benefit administration. Her contract administration responsibilities include processing of new contracts and amendments, creating necessary workbooks and other tools to ensure Newport Partners performs in compliance with contract requirements, review of time and expense charges to the project, invoicing and project closeout. Ms. Donahue is responsible for meeting all reporting requirements to maintain GSA schedule compliance. She also performs periodic, random project reviews to ensure discrepancies are identified and resolved early.

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