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Lorie EbersbergerLorie Ebersberger - Web & Graphic Design

Ms. Ebersberger is a web and graphic designer with 17 years of expertise in designing professional user-friendly websites with project administration from start to finish. She provides ongoing web maintenance and support services for three of Newport’s sites – Newport Partners, Newport Ventures, and Home Energy Heroes – and has created and maintained other project-focused sites for Newport. Lorie is also proficient with designing and implementing email marketing campaigns. She has been a team member in the Home Energy Heroes project, which is a website created for homeowners and builders alike geared toward energy code training for builders, architects, and the construction trades in New York State. In addition to web design, Ms. Ebersberger also regularly designs a myriad of electronic and print materials such as company logos, business cards, brochures, post cards, and various reports and publications.

Lorie holds a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Colorado. She participated in two study abroad programs - Semester at Sea and an International Finance Seminar in London. Ms. Ebersberger also has a certificate in Publication and Design for the Internet.

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