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Joe NebbiaJoe Nebbia - Research Associate

Joe Nebbia has a background in policy and regulatory analysis, research, and advocacy dealing with a variety of issues, including highly technical topics. Mr. Nebbia participates in several codes and standards processes including ASHRAE, the ICC, and state codes; and interacts with the US Department of Energy in their code advocacy efforts. 

Mr. Nebbia supports the US Department of Energy in their efforts to increase energy efficient building practices in the market. This includes providing facilitation and administrative support to the Building America program at its quarterly team meetings.  Mr. Nebbia also helped design and is now working to support the Department of Energy in implementing, organizing and advocating for the Builders Challenge initiative.

Mr. Nebbia’s research experience includes projects examining workforce housing issues and strategies; comparing the appreciation rates of energy efficient homes to the rates of standard homes; and examining how information technology is implemented in the building industry.

Prior to joining Newport Partners, Mr. Nebbia worked from 2003-2006 for Lockheed Martin Corporation’s Office of Trade & Regulatory Affairs, where he focused on international telecommunications policy, as well as critical infrastructure protection issues. Mr. Nebbia holds a BA in Public Policy from Hamilton College.

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