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HUD Releases Preliminary Copy of Newport Publication, Durability by Design

Durability by Design V2.0 (2015) is a critical update that covers key changes to home building over the past decade, driven by energy codes, new materials, and other market drivers. This document is a preliminary copy released by HUD, with the final publication to be released on later this year.

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Energy Code Training

Residential Energy Efficiency

The Maryland Energy Administration (MEA), along with Newport Partners and Edge Energy, has been awarded a US DOE grant to test the effectiveness of energy code training on reducing the energy use of new residential construction. Read more...

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Energy Code Coach

Have a question about the code? Get help from our experts! Contact the Energy Code Coach at 301-889-0017 or

Projects & Reports

Durability by Design: A Professional's Guide to Durable Home Design
HUD releases preliminary copy of Newport publication, Durability by Design.

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New York City Benchmarking and Transparency Policy Impact Evaluation
This report provides readers with an understanding of both the approach and methodologies used to evaluate New York City’s benchmarking and transparency policy, as well as the results of the application of those methodologies. It presents a policy evaluation framework used for assessing the impacts of the policy in three key areas: market transformation progress, gross and net energy impacts, and non-energy impacts.

A Guide to Innovations in Building Technology
This guide provides a valuable resource that will assist building owners and operators, design professionals, and other decisionmakers through the process of identifying, evaluating, and ultimately implementing the technologies that best fit their needs.

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Zero Net Energy Homes

Zero Energy Ready Home

Newport provides administrative and outreach support for the DOE Zero Energy Ready Home Program. ZERH represents a whole new level of home performance, providing energy savings, comfort, health,and durability unparalleled in today’s marketplace.

  • Revision 08 of Energy Star V3 is now updated. Access short orientation videos to help you understand the updates.

  • Newport, on behalf of DOE attended a special ribbon cutting ceremony for a ZERH home in Gettysburgh, PA. Check out the video to see how homes of the future can change the world!

  • Efficiency and customization highlight the latest trends in home design. Check out the Five New Home Trends for 2015

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