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  • A New Way to Meet the Energy Code, July 2017 (PDF, 374MB)
    Joe Nebbia of Newport Partners was interviewed by the Journal of Light Construction as their content expert in a recent article published in July 2017. "A New Way to Meet the Energy Code" speaks about following the prescriptive code versus a performance pathway to meet the residential energy code standards. Joe is quoted a number of times throughout the article.


  • Stakeholder Perceptions of Home Fire Sprinklers, September 2016 (PDF, 1.29MB)
    As residential fire sprinkler adoption is debated in many states, there is a lot of misinformation about the experience and perception of home fire sprinklers. The purpose of this study was to gather information related to residential fire sprinkler adoption in two states, California and Maryland. It includes an analysis of the overall experience and perceived value of home fire sprinklers by homeowners, local government officials, and water purveyors.


Durability by Design, 2nd Edition Durability by Design
2nd Edition

NYC Benchmarking Report Cover NYC Benchmarking and Transparency Policy Impact Evaluation Report

  • Durability by Design: A Professional's Guide to Durable Home Design, 2nd Edition, October 2015 (PDF, 9.32MB)
    Today’s new homes are built with sustainability, energy efficiency, and innovative technologies. However – it’s a home’s durability that makes these other goals possible. Even the most efficient or green home won’t perform up to expectations unless it’s designed and built to manage bulk water, water vapor, insects, corrosion, and other elements that can break down homes over time.

    Durability by Design (2015) updates the original HUD guide of the same name. This critical update covers key changes to home building over the past decade, driven by energy codes, new materials, and other market drivers. Read more...

  • New York City Benchmarking and Transparency Policy Impact Evaluation Report, May 2015 (PDF, 1.2MB)
    This report is designed to provide readers with a thorough understanding of both the approach and methodologies used to evaluate New York City’s (NYC’s) benchmarking and transparency policy, Local Law 84 (LL84), as well as the results of the application of those methodologies. It presents a policy evaluation framework used for assessing the impacts of the policy in three key areas: market transformation progress, gross and net energy impacts, and non-energy impacts.




Strategies for Incremental Reconstruction of Disaster Damaged Homes
Strategies for Incremental
Reconstruction of Disaster
Damaged Homes

Safer, Stronger Homes
Safer, Stronger Homes:
Reducing Your Risk
During a Natural Disaster

Safety & Health in Manufactured Structures
Safety & Health in
Manufactured Structures











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