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Durability by Design – An Update to Reflect the Pace of Change in Housing

Durability by Design, 2nd EditionDownload Durability by Design, 2nd Edition

"A practical useful tool for builders as they go through design and construction with emphasis on the value of durable design and construction.”

Dana Bres, P.E. is a Research Engineer in the Affordable Housing Research and Technology Division of HUD’s Office of Policy Development

In May 2002, the U.S. Department of Housing Urban Development (HUD) published a very useful, information-rich guide for builders and designers: Durability by Design. This durability best practice guide has been one of HUD’s most popular documents in the ensuing 12 year period.

Since that time:

  • The housing industry has experienced an enormous economic downturn

  • Building codes – especially energy codes – have dramatically changed homebuilding materials and methods, as well as building performance dynamics

  • Natural disasters have severely damaged or destroyed hundreds of thousands of homes, leaving millions of people without their permanent shelter

  • Power outages along with the effects of natural disasters have given rise to the design concept of “resilient” housing

  • Building performance research on new and existing homes has expanded the knowledge base on performance and durability 

  • Building system failures even on traditional practices like flashing have increasingly costly price tags for builders

  • The manner in which construction professionals like builders and designers receive information has shifted to digital and mobile sources

So while much of the content within Durability by Design is still highly relevant to designing and building homes that will stand the test of time HUD Project Manager, Dana Bres, PE, recognized that an update to reflect significant changes in the industry was needed.

The updated publication includes topics like moisture management in modern/air sealed homes; high bang-for-the-buck disaster mitigation practices; and the critical link between sustainability and durability. 

black arrowDownload a copy of Durability by Design: A Professional's Guide to Durable Home Design, 2nd Edition, October 2015
(PDF, 9.32MB)

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