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A critical part of any business is understanding the market you are in and the ability to use that information to strategically plan for the future. Newport offers clients a variety of market research and strategic planning services that produce usable, actionable results.

Market Research

Newport’s market research can offer you direction, feedback, and access to industry markets and experts which directly impact your sales. Our experienced team will design, collect, analyze, and report the information you need to make successful business decisions. Whether you are introducing a new product, looking to increase market share of an existing product, or need help connecting with your clients, Newport will help you achieve your business goals!

Newport Partners market research services include:

Market Analysis

  • Market Identification
  • Data Analysis
  • Trends and Forecast
  • Reporting and Recommendations

Understanding Consumer Preferences

  • Focus Groups
  • Interviews
  • Surveys

"Newport's team has an excellent understanding of the building industry. Consequently, they were able to develop and present questions for the focus group that led to useful conclusions."

~ Murray Rust
Montgomery & Rust, Inc.

Plumbing & Mechanical Research Collaborative

One of Newport's newest market research projects is the Plumbing & Mechanical Research Collaborative. This is a private research group of plumbers, HVAC contractors, engineer, architects, builders, and general contractors. The research is geared around learning about or sharing experiences with piping related products and tools. We are also looking for opinions on advertising and customer service.

The group is organized as an online members-only research collaborative via a private Facebook Group. Members will be compensated for participation in market research activities including quick polls, short surveys, online focus groups (webinars), and just for fun contests. We hope to make this a community of experts where you can learn from your peers, ask for advice, and help improve the industry by providing your opinions and experiences.

Learn more or participate in this project.

Strategic Planning

Newport Partners has been providing strategic planning and facilitation services for public and private clients since our inception. Most businesses invest a significant amount of time in meetings. Whether these are strategic planning sessions, one-on-one, or in larger groups, meetings offer a chance to discuss projects and issues, share ideas, consider solutions and reach consensus. A good facilitator offers valuable input, keeps the group focused, and avoids wasting time.

Make Your Meetings Count!

Newport Partners believes that everyone has something to contribute to a meeting. We create a highly participative and comfortable environment to allow each participant to engage in a quality exchange. We value the individual contribution as well as the collective wisdom and synergy that results from group discussion.

Clients for these services include: the U.S. Department of Energy, the Steel Framing Alliance, the Department of Housing and Urban Development; and many private companies.

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