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Housing technologies are constantly changing and improving in the homebuilding industry. Stay up to date with the most innovative technologies that are coming to market or are on the market now with Newport's innovative housing technology listing.

This listing provides builders and consumers a reliable source of information on products by offering details on each technology including contact information for manufacturers. It can help you with your general research or with your next home improvement project.

The technologies are broken down into the following categories:

Featured Technology

Ultrasonic Wasing Device

Dolfi - Ultrasonic Washing Device

A new, portable ultrasonic laundry device called Dolfi is able to wash your clothes easily using ultrasonic sound waves. All you have to do is put your clothing in a sink, fill it with water and detergent, add the Dolfi and turn it on. In 30 minutes, your delicates will be clean.

Dolfi uses ultrasonic technology to create sound waves that move through the water and create “miscroscopic high-pressure bubbles.” These bubbles then implode to create “millions of micro-jet liquid streams” that wash away dirt. The Dolfi is no bigger than a bar of soap, yet it transforms any wash basin into a washing machine. To use it, a person drops the Dolfi into a sink full of water, dirty clothes, and laundry detergent. The device washes without any need for scrubbing or wringing in 30 minutes.

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Recent Technology Additions

Listed below are a few of our latest technology additions.

ASHRAE Thermal Comfort Tool ASHRAE 55 Thermal Comfort Tools Magnetic Refrigerators by GE
Cross Laminated Timber Cross Laminated Timber Range Hood Make-Up Air
Specifier Tool
Low-Flow Plumbing Fixtures Low-Flow Plumbing Fixtures RED Calc Free Tools RED Calc Free Tools
Modified Atmosphere Insulation Tankless Water Heaters Tankless Water Heaters

If you have a technology that you would like to see included in our innovative housing technology listing, please contact us.

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