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Housing technologies are constantly changing and improving in the homebuilding industry. Stay up to date with the most innovative technologies that are coming to market or are on the market now with Newport's innovative housing technology listing.

This listing provides builders and consumers a reliable source of information on products by offering details on each technology including contact information for manufacturers. It can help you with your general research or with your next home improvement project.

The technologies are broken down into the following categories:

Featured Technology

Virtual Reality Design in Construction

Daqri Smart Helmet, click image to enlarge.


Virtual and augmented reality is emerging as a game-changing technology for the construction industry, as it can enhance collaboration among all project stakeholders before building even begins. Currently, the most common way to view 3-D models is on the 2-D screen of a tablet or laptop. Designers and builders can get more value out of the model when they’re able to fully immerse themselves in it. Companies such as IrisVR specialize in converting 3-D plans into a virtual reality (VR) experience.

Michael Gonzalez, preconstruction director at McCarthy Building Companies, said that virtual reality and augmented reality technologies allow the construction team to detect errors ahead of time and avoid costly mistakes. Stacy Scopano, senior construction industry strategy manager at Autodesk, said the proliferation of 3-D modeling software and new VR products like the Daqri Smart Helmet and Microsoft HoloLens are leading to the tipping point for VR in construction.

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Recent Technology Additions

Listed below are a few of our latest technology additions.

ASHRAE Thermal Comfort Tool ASHRAE 55 Thermal Comfort Tools Range Hood Make-Up Air
Specifier Tool
Cross Laminated Timber Cross Laminated Timber Tankless Water Heaters
Low-Flow Plumbing Fixtures Low-Flow Plumbing Fixtures Ultrasonic Washing Device
Magnetic Refrigerators by GE Whole House Mechanical Ventilation (WHMV) Specifier Tool

If you have a technology that you would like to see included in our innovative housing technology listing, please contact us.

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