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Bolt-A-Block Concrete Block Wall System

What makes Bolt-A-Blok construction better than traditional brick and mortar? According to Bolt-A-Blok, the System is stronger, faster, and more economical to build. No water or mortar is needed. The Bolt-A-Blok system uses continuously connected steel to compress the blocks and bolt them together. The only tool that is needed is a small hand wrench. 

The Bolt-A-Block System was originally designed to be used in as part of temporary housing units built after natural disasters. However, the System is also functional as part of a permanent housing unit. But will a home built with Bolt-A-Blok be up-to-code? You bet!  Build-A-Block is designed to be compliant with most of the building codes used throughout the United States.

The System can be assembled by skilled or unskilled workers alike.


Bolt-A-Blok Systems


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