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Hurricane-Proof Concret HouseHurricane-Proof Concrete House

In a joint effort between Spancrete and Epic Creative, both Wisconsin based companies, ForeverHome is a fully precast concrete home engineered to withstand hurricane-force winds and conditions. While there is little argument that a concrete structure would have trouble withstanding hurricane-like conditions, the idea of your home being a concrete block is not appealing to many. The ForeverHome combines the solid structure of concrete with aesthetics, affordability, and quick construction. 

Everything about the home is precast. The foundation and floor system are cast on site while the interior and exterior walls and roof are done in the factory. Everything is then assembled on site. The entire process takes about a month, the precast takes 30 days and the house can be erected and weather-tight in just 40 hours once assembly begins. Currently, the prototype for these homes is 1,200 square feet.

The home is also LEED certified. The walls are made up of two 3-inch thick interior and exterior concrete skins over a continuous layer of 2-inch rigid insulation. The exterior wall surface has the texture of shiplap siding and can be easily changed during production to vary the exterior aesthetics of the home. The concrete roof covers a continuous layer of insulation and a waterproof membrane is bonded to the surface. The roof surface pattern is also cast into the concrete. 

The other major benefit of the ForeverHome is the price. In hurricane-prone areas many consumers are reluctant to build with concrete because of its seemingly expensive price tag. Currently, a 1,200 square foot ForeverHome in traditional New Orleans shotgun-style sells for about $175,000. Further, homeowners will now be able to afford homeowner’s insurance more on par with the national average.

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