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LIFX Smart Lighting System

LIFX Smart Lighting System

LIFX is a smart lighting system that is reinventing the light bulb. The system uses an LED bulb that is controlled by an app via smart phone and allows users to remotely adjust the brightness and hue of light. Further, it can also be set to a timer and coordinate with other LIFX bulbs to create mood specific lighting that is programmable. 

While this innovation is still in the early stages of development, once the third-party market takes hold the possibilities are endless. The developers at LIFX are working on additional features such as, remote operation, automatic on/off switching, music visualization, and security system and weather application integration. Another idea is a “sunrise” program, which gradually brightens a room in the mornings. The app that accompanies the LIFX system allows users to delegate specific bulbs to create lighting systems that control groups of bulbs or an entire room.  

The LIFX system is not the first “smart bulb” to hit the market.  Phillips has a product, the “Hue”, which essentially works the same. However, one of the major differences is in the costs associated with the system. LIFX is hubless, meaning it doesn’t need to be connected to a router or have any additional cost associated with set-up. Users only need to set-up the system once. When additional bulbs are purchased, the software passes through the credentials via mesh and the new bulbs are automatically integrated into the system. LIFX also uses RGB-W technology which allows for brighter lumens. 

The cost of these bulbs is currently at $79, making it rather expensive for the average homeowner. The product is currently being marketed towards artists, musicians, event planners, businesses, and well-to-do homeowners looking for an extravagant lighting system. As the product develops and other brands begin introducing similar products, the hope is that demand will bring the price down to a level that will be more suitable for the average consumer. The product certainly has a lot of potential. Currently the product is sold out and already has more than 100 third-party developers registered for its API release.

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