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Lighting Control Wireless System

Lighting Control Wireless
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Have you ever desired more control over your home’s lighting? Ever want the ability to control your homes lights remotely from your car as you pull into the driveway, or from your desk at work? What about managing your lights when you head out of town for the weekend? Over the years many products have come and gone that could control lights in the home from wall mounted timer switches and dimmers to wireless options you can control from your computer, phone or via remote control. These systems were usually on the pricey side and had shortcomings. The marketplace screamed for low cost, user-friendly devices that could be used by all. Enter… the Lutron Caséta system.

As homes become more energy efficient and integrated with smart technology, a budget friendly lighting controls customization package is a worthwhile item to invest in. The Caséta wireless system by Lutron, controls lights in your home without emptying your wallet. The system allows you to control your lights from anywhere in the world either via the Pico remote control or right from your smartphone!

The ability to control lights is only one feature that Caséta offers. The system can open and close shades in your home and is

Lighting Control Wireless System Remote

Lighting Control Wireless System Remote

compatible with select Honeywell thermostats to allow for temperature control. . The entire system is customizable and can be quickly programmed, operated and monitored by your smartphone.

Components of the system can be purchased individually so that you the homeowner can build any size system that you want. The Caséta system can control a couple things in the home or the entire home. Some of the products currently available for purchase are in wall dimmers, light switch, plug-in lamp dimmer, Pico remote control, Smart Bridge (see next paragraph), thermostats (coming soon), and motorized shades. All of the controls are compatible with LED, CFL, halogen and incandescent bulbs and fixtures. The Smart Bridge is the device that will allow you to access devices installed in your home via a downloadable application to any smartphone. The device connects to an internet router in the home allowing your homes lighting to be controlled from anywhere in the world.

With the Caséta you are not limited to simple on and off features. The system can be programmed to run automatically with lights coming on with a soft dim in the morning to completely off at night. The motorized shades can also be tied into the system so that they open and close as the day progresses. You no longer need to worry about shutting the shades at night as the system will do it for you. All of these functionalities will allow the homeowner to save money as the programmability will allow you to have lights dimmed if enough sun light is available in the room or to remind you that lights are in fact on when you don’t need them to be.

Lighting Control Demonstration Lighting Control Demonstration
A Lutron representative introducing the Caséta system to builders
and electricians in the Hudson Valley of New York.



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