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Wireless Charging Countertops

Wireless Charging CountertopsDuPont has teamed with the Power Matters Alliance (PMA) to venture into the consumer electronics industry. The chemical giant plans to begin embedding Powermat’s wireless charging technology within its Corian solid surface countertops. The product will allow consumers to charge their cell phones and wireless devices by simply placing them on the countertop.

The DuPont Corian solid surface is used in a wide variety of interior design and architectural applications, both commercial and residential. By teams with PMA, the company is taking the next step in furnishing solutions by integrating wireless power. The company says this product will be available in late 2014. While solid surfacing like Corian did not perform as well as other materials such as quartz and granite, the product is an affordable alternative that appeals to consumers because of its versatility and choice of colors and patterns. Corian can look like stone, but when heated can be shaped to fit any design and is a lot easier to clean. The material is a good candidate for integrating Powermat technology because of its ability to be shaped, making it easier to run wires through. Additionally, because Corian is essentially plastic and aluminum, it will not create as much interference as drilling fine holes through granite.

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