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Wireless Technology for Lighting Control

Wireless Controls for Lighting ControlsELB Electronics, Inc. with assistance from DOE’s Building Technologies Program, have developed advanced wireless controls for lighting control in commercial, retail, and educational buildings. Advanced lighting technology has long been hindered by the high cost and difficult installation of these systems. This wireless technology has the ability to reduce these barriers by providing cost-effective, low-power, low-data-rate wireless networking devices.

The system consists of a network of wireless-controllable actuators, electronic dimmable lamp ballasts, and sensors for light level and occupancy detection. Computer software developed for advanced lighting control algorithms (including daylighting, occupancy control, and demand response) monitors and controls the system to reduce the energy consumption associated with lighting. An analysis performed by ELB Electronics, Inc. estimated that installation of their advanced wireless lighting control system for a building retrofit is at least 30% lower than other comparable systems in a typical 16,000 square foot office building. Further, the payback period for the system is less than three years. 

The biggest reason for the reduction in costs is because the system requires no additional wiring to install, greatly improving return on investment. It is designed to be compatible with existing lighting components and is flexible enough to support small scale to entire building installations.  The system provides localized control and centralized programmable monitoring and control for the entire lighting system. It drastically reduces energy consumption associated with lighting by monitoring use, demand, and occupancy levels through the developed computer software. Additionally, occupants will benefit from improved comfort in the workplace, which is likely to lead to better productivity.

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