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BioSIPs use 4' x 8' gridcore sheets made up of 100% recycled paper products that are formed into a honeycomb grid ¾" thick. The sheets are placed in a form and held 6" apart while soy-based foam insulation is sprayed into the cavity. Prior to spraying in the foam, electric conduit chases made of cardboard poster tubes are placed within the walls according to the structure's electrical layout. At each seam a wood I-beam is used to connect the SIPs panels, while the top and bottom are connected using a 2" x 6" plate that runs the length of each wall. A major benefit of the BioSIP panel is that the gridcore surfaces are finish quality and can be painted like typical gypsum board. The approximate insulating value for the BioSIP panel is R-40.

BioSIPs were used on the 2005 Colorado University (CU) solar decathlon competition home design as the main building envelope and construction system. The BioSIPs invention was cited by the international Solar Decathlon judges as being critical to the CU team’s back-to-back (2002, 2005) win in the overall 2005 competition. Julee Herdt, an associate professor at CU, developed the product under a USDA research project.

Since those awards, Herdt has advanced BioSIPs structural insulated wall, floor and roof panels to exhibit strengths surpassing other SIPs in specific areas (compressive and transverse loading) as well as to exhibit super thermal values. BioSIPs full-scale prototypes were tested at CU Boulder’s College of Engineering and Applied Science as well as for the construction of the solar-powered BioSIPs Research Structure built in Boulder through a State of Colorado Waste Diversion grant. Herdt is the CEO and president of BioSIPs, Inc., a CU spin-off technology for commercialization of BioSIPs and other products from 100 percent diverted waste fibers.


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