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The Modlet is a modern electrical outlet that brings energy efficiency intelligence to wall outlets. The product plugs directly into an existing electrical outlet and uses wireless technology to allow the user to program, monitor, and control energy consumption. The Modlet’s built in smart technology allows it to communicate with a PC through the USB receiver. Further, a smartphone app allows users to control their plugged in devices remotely.

When an electrical device is plugged in to the Modlet, the product has the ability to sense what is plugged in and categorize it in the software. Users can set a schedule for when devices should operate and when they should be turned off. It also monitors how much energy your appliances use and reports usage back to the user with recommendations on how to control them and reduce energy consumption. The product also keeps track of energy savings so the consumer can view real-time results and make adjustments accordingly. The Modlet has the ability to save approximately 10% off an electricity bill by reducing standby power, ensuring certain appliances are not left on, and scheduling optimal run-time schedules.

ThinkEco has also developed an additional product for window AC units that works in conjunction with the Modlet. The product is a mobile-controlled “smart” AC kit that allows users to remotely control their window AC units. Through the software, users can remotely monitor their usage and control and adjust the AC unit. 

The Modlet home starter kit can be purchased for $50 and includes 1 Modlet (with 2 standard electrical outlets), 1 USB receiver, and the web based software. For businesses, a starter kit can be purchased for $345 that includes 5 Modlet’s, a USB receiver, the software package, and a 2-year license. 

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