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With all the attention given to smart phones and other mobile devices, the way we charge them is often overlooked.  Obviously it takes power to charge these devices, but what happens once your phone is fully charged?  Like the other electronics in our homes, our mobile devices continue to draw power even after they have reached a full charge.  This power suck is known as standby power or vampire draw.  The people at Velvetwire, a company committed to designing a smarter energy future, have developed a product to improve efficiency in charging our mobile devices.

Powerslayer is a new product developed by the company that aims to stop the vampire draw on our electronics.  The product has the ability to understand when a device has reached its full charging capacity and will stop the power draw until it is needed again.  Not only does the product save power, but also improves the battery life of our devices.

According to the Lawrence Berkeley National Institute, a mobile phone or laptop left plugged in once it is fully charged can draw at least half as much power as it does while charging.  With all the electronic devices we have today, that amount of power can add up and increase electricity bills.  Leaving devices plugged in also reduces the performance life of batteries.

Powerslayer is embedded with software that detects when a device is fully charged and automatically stops charging.  It can detect when the device needs more power and will turn back on, delivering energy to the device only when it is needed.  Compatible with lighting, 30-pin, or micro-USB charger the product allows users to leave devices plugged in all day without the worry of inefficient charging or battery decay.  The Powerslayer has earned an Energy Star Level 5 rating and even exceeds the efficiency standard by a factor of 10. 

Although Powerslayer is not currently available on the market, you can get in on the action by joining the Kickstarter campaign.  For more information on this product and to learn about Velvetwire.


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