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Residential Energy Management Systems

Advanced Telemetry, a San Diego, California based company focused on energy and resource conservation products, has recently introduced the EcoView Residential Energy Management System. The EcoView Energy Management System records and conveniently displays the historical and real time use of energy resources within a particular Residential Energy Management Systemsresidence.  

The value that users can find in an Energy Management System like the EcoView is based on the notion that energy wasting habits are considerably less likely to occur if the cost of those habits are made available to the energy user in real time.

To put it simply, Keith Davis, president of Residential Technologies, a Charlotte, NC area electrical and electronic systems contractor states that, “if you can see it on a display, people then take a real interest in lowering demand” and “having knowledge allows them to control energy use within their budget and financial means and within their lifestyle.”

The EcoView is able to provide control to devices, such as thermostats and light switches, which allows the user to make adjustments to these devices from within the Energy Management System. In fact, the entire EcoView system is able to be accessed remotely so that the home’s energy usage can be monitored and managed from any Web-enabled device.  In addition, the system can be easily modified to track the usage of water, natural gas, and other home systems.

Advanced Telemetry has aimed to introduce its Residential Energy Management System at a price low enough to provide users with the highest overall return on investment.


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