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Eco-Friendly Travel ChargerSay Goodbye to Stand-by Energy Consumption

As long as your computers, peripherals, and home electronics are plugged in, they are using up electricity. Did you know that stand-by energy consumption accounts for 5-10% of an average home’s annual energy consumption. The company Bracketron has come out with a new series of chargers that can eliminate the problem of stand-by energy.

The Bracketron GreenZero line consists of two different chargers; the Stone and the Mushroom. The Stone charger is an on-the-go portable power supply that is used to power up mobile devices when a conventional plug is not available. The Stone ceases to deliver power to the mobile device as soon as the device is fully charged enabling the user to get maximum usage out of the Stone device. Similar technology occurs in the Mushroom charger. Here though, the device is plugged into the wall and eliminates the actual stand-by power consumption by shutting off once the device is charged. This is an intriguingThe Mushroom Charger product that can revolutionize power supplies of all kinds.

The Mushroom charger in particular seems to be a great step forward. If we can figure out a way to eliminate stand-by power while charging a device, it seems we are not far away from eliminating power stand-by power consumption whenever any of our household products are not in use. This would reduce/eliminate the 5-10% annual energy consumption wasted on stand-by energy. The key to a better and more efficient tomorrow relies on small steps such as this to reduce our overall energy consumption and create more efficient ways of life.

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