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Curtis Harrington, from the UC Davis Western Cooling Efficiency Center, stands beside new technology that sprays aerosolized sealant to find and seal building leaks. Here, the nozzle is spraying water as a test before scientists seal a Habitat for Humanity Home in Stockton.

Photo Credit: Paul Fortunato/UC Davis WCEC

Aerosol Sealing Technology

Researchers at the University of California-Davis have developed a technology that is designed to take the guesswork out of sealing building leaks.  Leaks account for roughly 30% of all heating and cooling loss in a building.  The technology is said to be able to reduce leaks by 50% and in the future may have the potential to bring leakage to zero.

The product is an aerosol sealing technology that uses a compressed nitrogen system to push the sealant through 5 nozzles.  Once the sealant is sprayed into a pressurized environment, the sealant becomes a mist of aerosolized particles.  The particles move towards leaks in the home and stick and seal them.  The system takes roughly one hour to seal a 1,200 square foot building. 

This technology has the potential to seal buildings faster, cheaper, and more efficiently than current sealing methods.  It will find the leak and seal it without the need for manual inspection.  A software system tracks the sealing process and provides verification the sealant is working. 

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