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The HP-50 Heat Pump Water Heater from Rheem Water Heating

Heat Pump Water Heater

The average household spends around $400 to $600 per year on hot water.  This makes it the second largest energy expenditure behind only heating and cooling.  So what products are available to help reduce the burden of this cost? 

At the top of the list is the HP-50 Heat Pump Water Heater from Rheem Water Heating.  It offers users twice the energy efficiency of a standard electric storage water heater.  In fact, this Rheem water heater boasts an energy factor of 2.0, which is over twice the efficiency level of standard water heaters.  The energy factor indicates a water heater’s level of efficiency based on the amount of hot water produced per unit of fuel consumed over a period of time. 

The HP-50 Heat Pump Water Heater is able to operate so efficiently because of the process by which it heats water.  Instead of heating stored water directly with a conventional electric element or burner, this product transfers heat available from the ambient air, intensifies the heat with a compressor, and then transfers the heat into the water while exhausting the cooler air.

The HP-50 Heat Pump Water Heater meets the Energy Star requirement (Energy Factor of 2.0).  This allows those who purchase the product to receive a federal tax credit equal to 30% of its cost – including labor / installation costs – up to a $1,500 limit. 

Air source heat pump water heaters perform best in climates with average, year round temperatures of around 40 degrees F.  However, basements and furnace rooms in Northern climates are able to provide an adequate amount of warm air.


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