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Micro-Combined Heat & Power Systems

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems are a form of co-generation technology that simultaneously produces and uses both electricity and heat for a structure. A Micro-Combined Heat and Power system is a CHP sized for the residential home market.

In a Micro-CHP system, the fuel used to heat the home is used twice: first to generate electric power, and then to heat the home.

CHP systems have been used in commercial and industrial applications throughout much of the world. Micro-CHP systems are currently used in Japan and parts of Europe, and are being introduced to the U.S. market by Honda Motor Company and Climate Energy in late 2006.

The Micro-CHP system uses a natural gas-powered internal combustion engine and an electrical generation system with sine wave inverter technology to produce power along with thermal energy. Climate Energy then combines this with a furnace or boiler to provide a highly efficient alternative to replace conventional electric and space heating systems in new and existing homes.

Micro-Combined Heat & Power Systems
2 - Furnace Module
3 - Cogeneration Heat Exchanger Module
4 - Supervisory Control System
1- Engine/Generator Module

For the average user of Climate Energy's Micro-CHP System, up to 4,500 kilowatt hours (kWhr) of electricity can be generated annually, providing approximately a $600 reduction in annual electric costs. Depending on your state, a "net-metering" agreement may be available with the electric utility which allows customers to draw power from the grid or supply power to the grid during a billing period and the customer pays only for the net amount of power consumed during the period.

The system is also expected to yield a 30% reduction in harmful carbon dioxide emissions as compared with conventional heating appliances and grid supplied electricity, with the biggest impact resulting from the displacement of coal-fired electric power generation at central power plants.



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