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Solar Attic Fan

Solatube Solar Star Attic FanAttics have long been a source of major problems in a building envelope. In hot climates, heat in the attic and can transfer into the living space raising temperatures and utility bills. In colder climates, the heat build-up in the attic can cause ice damming. Moisture and humidity in the attic often causes structural damage and fungal decay just to name a couple of problems. The Solatube Solar Star Attic Fan is a solution to all of these problems.

One of the most technologically advanced, environmentally-friendly ventilation solutions available, the Solar Star attic fan is installed at the highest point of the roof. Run solely by Solar Star’s proprietary 10-Watt solar panel, the attic fan requires no additional cost to operate. The majority of electric powered attic ventilators are engaged by a thermostat so they only begin to operate when temperatures have already risen to high levels, forcing them to play catch up. Other systems have a humidistat measuring moisture levels in the attic and are activated only after moisture and condensation levels have reached a critical point. 

Solar Star’s product runs from sunup to sundown so that humidity and temperature levels never reach the critical activation levels. By drawing hot air out of the attic and discharging it to the exterior, the attic fan reduces heat build-up, air-conditioning costs, and prevents ice damming. Further, by removing moisture from the attic and discarding to the outside, the attic fan also protects your insulation from moisture saturation thereby reduces problems associated with moisture such as damaging condensation and mold and fungal decay. The result is lower utility costs, prolonged roof life, and a comfortable living environment. 

The Solar Star attic fan is equipped with a whisper quiet motor, and a lightweight polymeric fan blade and integral exhaust screen that minimizes motor resistance and are non-corrosive. It can be installed in 30 minutes and is backed by a 5 year warranty.

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