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A tight building envelope is critical to energy efficient building. However, after a tight envelope is achieved, the issue of indoor air quality (IAQ) needs to be addressed. Honeywell has developed the 24V UV Air Purifier with AirBright, an IAQ solution that installs within the current HVAC ductwork in a home. The product is equipped with a UV light to zap mold spores and kill bacteria that may be circulating through the HVAC system. Additionally, the Honeywell’s AirBright system helps to remove odors from cooking or pets by converting VOC’s to CO2 before passing through the cooling unit.

The UV Air Purifier is designed for both coil and air treatment. By removing harmful bacteria and odors, the system helps improve the overall air quality, comfort and HVAC efficiency in the home. By installing the system directly into the existing HVAC ductwork, no other construction or retrofit is needed. The system is designed to benefit homes and families in a variety of ways, including: allergy issues, concern for maintaining or improving energy efficiency, air conditioning ductwork that requires frequent cleaning, humid climates, dry winter climates where windows are closed, and removing odors caused by pets or cooking.

The system requires a pro install to ensure it will function as advertised. More information on the product as well as contacts for pro installers can be found on the Honeywell web site.









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