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Dyson Airblade Tap Hand Dryer

The Dyson Airblade brings hand washing to a new level. In a typical restroom we wash our hands in the sink and then move to another station to use an air dryer or paper towel. Having a separate hand drying area can lead to water dripping to the floor, which can cause problems in a busy restroom. With the Dyson Airblade there is no need to move from the sink to dry your hands. The technology integrates a drying system into the sink, allowing users to wash and dry their hands in one spot.

The Dyson Airblade is completely sensor operated. Both the water and air use intelligent infrared sensors to pinpoint hand positions and operate without having to turn a tap or press a button. The Airblade is the most hygienic hand dryer on the market, using a HEPA filter to remove 99.97% of bacteria from the air used to dry hands. A typical hand dryer does not contain a filter, resulting in the dirty air from the restroom being used to dry hands.

The technology is also cheaper to run than most traditional hand dryers. Paper towels costs can add up to over $1,000/year and a traditional air dryer can consume $157/year worth of energy. The Airblade operates at an average of $49/year and eliminates the need for separate taps. The product even reduces the impact on the environment, producing 67% less CO2 emissions than traditional hand dryers and up to 63% less than paper towels. 

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