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Charging Manhole Covers

Charging Manhole Covers

HEVO Power, a New York City startup, has teamed with New York University and plans to unveil a pilot project in early 2014 that will use high-tech manhole covers to charge electric cars.  The project aims to make charging an electric car as easy as finding a parking space.  The manhole-like units can be embedded into the pavement allowing those driving electric cars to get a charge while they are parked on the street.

Currently electric charging stations are on the rise in the U.S. but most take hours charge a vehicle.  The HEVO cordless power stations use electromagnetic resonance to transfer electricity to the cars charging coil, aim to charge vehicles faster and at greater distances than other wireless charging stations.  Currently, the power stations are still classified as Level 2 charging stations, meaning they can take between 8-12 hours to fully charge a vehicle.

The company is also looking at other ways to use the technology.  Placing these power stations along roads and highways could provide charge on the go.  When passing by a power station, vehicles could collect a charge as they drive down the street.  Also, the company is in talks with larger corporations about integrating the technology in loading zones for commercial fleets.   Electric delivery trucks could benefit from having a charging station embedded in the loading zones providing them with a charge at every stop.

While the product is not currently available, you can get more information about HEVO Power and their technology on their website.










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