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Fabric Ceiling System

Fabric Ceiling System

As consumer trends shift to open space floor plans and an increased use of hard materials like hardwoods and tile, acoustical performance is declining in homes. Noise dampening a home can be costly, and accommodating the addition of sound attenuation material can significantly alter the design of the home (e.g. ceiling depth). A Fabric Ceiling System has been developed that is designed to improve acoustical performance in any size room, including large rooms with hardwood floors and cathedral ceilings or rooms with little headroom, such as basements - without significantly altering the appearance or dimensions of the room.

The QuietzoneTM SolsereneTM fabric ceiling material from Owens Corning is a complete stretch-fabric system designed for residential ceilings. It consists of 1) a durable, dimensionally stable textile fabric, 2) an integrated high acoustical performance glass fiber blanket, and 3) a fabric-retaining track. The system can be installed directly onto the framing in a ceiling structure or over existing gypsum board. During installation, the Solserene fabric is cut to length and stretched over the 1" thick white glass fiber blanket using a series of perimeter tensioning tracks. The fabric is available in widths up to 16' 4" and carries an NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) between .85 and 1.00.

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