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ZPrinter® 250

ZPrinter® 250

3D Printer by Z Corporation

Since 1995, employees at Z Corporation in Burlington, MA have been developing and improving the 3D printer market. The company, whose mission states, “To enable design professionals to create more. More ideas.  More communication.  More innovation.” is doing just that, and more. Since gaining an exclusive license for 3D printing technology developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1995, the company has continued to raise the bar and lower the price of 3D printers. In 2010, Z Corp. launched two printers ZPrinters 150 and 250, which start at just $14,900.  Along with their ZPrinters, the organization also offers ZBuilder rapid prototyping systems and ZScanner 3D laser scanners. 

ZPrinters operate by an inkjet-like printing head moving across a bed of powder, which selectively deposits a liquid binding material in the shape of that particular section. A fresh layer of powder is then spread across the top of the model and the process is repeated.  In 2009, the company introduced the zp150 composite material in order to produce tougher 3D printed parts, as well as richer colors and whiter whites. The stronger material allows for better and more usable models to be created through the 3D printing process. 

ZPrinters set the standard for 3D printing technology in terms of speed, color, affordability, and user friendliness. With technologies that develop models 5 to 10 times faster at 1/5th the cost of any other technology, print in color, and are easily operable, ZPrinters are the cutting edge of this technology. Some industries using Z Corp. 3D technologies include; mechanical design, architecture, engineering, construction, education, geospatial, healthcare, and entertainment/retail. 


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