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Push Pull Rotate Door Knob

Push Pull Rotate Door Knobs & Levers

Designed for the consumer with their hands full, Brink’s Push Pull Rotate door knobs and levers provide an easy and comfortable way of opening a door.  With just one finger, an elbow, or a hip, the product delivers a solution to opening doors in any situation.  The Push Pull Rotate allows users to do exactly that; push, pull, or rotate their way through a door. 

The product is offered in a variety of styles, both knob and lever, including, exterior locking, interior locking, and interior non-locking.  It is also available in various colors such as nickel, brass, or bronze.  Additional features include a larger decorative rose to hide blemishes on the door, flat areas on the surface to allow for comfort when pushing, durable all metal construction with cylindrical chassis, and hidden screws for improved appearance.

The Push Pull Rotate product from Brink’s is currently retailing at Lowe’s for $25-$30.  It is simply installed with a Phillips screwdriver and is guaranteed to fit all standard doors.  The product offers a high level of security by being pick and bump resistant, drill resistant, and equipped with an anti-pry shield.  It also comes with a lifetime warranty.












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