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Solar Water Heating System

Solatube Solar Star Attic FanHarpiris Energy has brought forth the SunCache, its low-cost residential solar water heating system. In fact, the SunCache is the lowest cost renewable energy system certified in the U.S. It costs less than half as much as competing solar water heating systems. The product boasts a 15 to 20 year useful life with industry leading maintenance intervals. 

The SunCache works in conjunction with a backup water heater (the SunCache is compatible with all types). No pumps or other controls are necessary. Simply turn on the hot water faucet and water begins to flow through the system. 

Depending on the timing and usage of hot water, the SunCache solar water heating system could help a household save between 30 to 60% on their water heating cost.  Households that use hot water predominately during the afternoon and evening hours will realize the greatest energy savings. This is because the system experiences heat loss during the nighttime hours.

Installation is rather simple. After the SunCache has been installed, the polyethylene panel is filled with 50 gallons of water. The water inside the panel serves to collect solar energy and then transfers the absorbed heat to the potable water inside the copper heat exchanger during hot water usage. This water never enters the domestic plumbing system and only needs to be refilled once every five years. 

Those with basic plumbing and construction experience can be trained in only one day to install the entire system. In addition, the system is light and easy to move. This eliminates the need for a crane during installation as the system can be carried up onto the roof by only two people. 

The SunCache is designed for warm-weather climates and is not intended for use in cold climate zones. 








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