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MasterShield Gutter Covers

MasterShield Gutter Covers

Gutter covers are intended to prevent the entrapment of debris in the gutters while still allowing them to capture and then transmit water away from the roof and house.  By providing this function, this type of equipment is intended to avoid the need for regular gutter cleaning to remove debris.  Gutter covers should also prevent the introduction of even fine particulate to gutter systems, since this fine matter can accumulate and cause clogging of downspouts, underground drainage pipes, etc.  Fine debris and particles can also interfere with the proper operation of rain barrel systems downstream from the gutters.  Rain barrel collection systems are an increasingly common water collection system used to gather water for irrigation, gardening, and other non-potable uses.  This technology is sustainable and part of residential green building programs, yet for it to be effective the upstream gutter system must provide a clean water supply to the barrel.

Most gutter covering systems are comprised of mesh screens or thin metal covers with grooves or holes to let water through.  The attachment systems for gutter covering systems vary; some connect directly to the gutter itself and others involve lapping under the first course of shingles. Other key differences in covering systems are the ability to adapt to different roof pitches and the type of microfiltration system used to filter out fine particulates.

We recently installed MasterShield on our offices as it met the needs of a green system and allows the gutters and underground drainage to function smoothly.

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