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With smart phones becoming more prevalent across all industries, the construction trades, traditionally a paper-dependent industry, seems primed and ready to take a dive into the technologically advanced world of mobile apps. The founders of the new Fieldwire app are aiming to take advantage of the smart phone boom. The app is a mobile productivity and task management platform that will help to streamline projects and reduce waste.

Fieldwire structures data around plans, which allows construction and maintenance workers to record, share, track, and geotag the plans in real time. The ability to record and share information in real time allows users to solve problems much faster and significantly reduce any rework of plans. Additionally, it provides automatic documentation, performance tracking and cost savings. The app allows everyone involved in a project to view real time floor plans and make and view any alterations that may occur. The plans are synced to Dropbox and Google Drive accounts so that users can view the plans from anywhere on their mobile devices.

The app provides a number of benefits to users that other program management software does not address. With a unique focus on fieldwork, Fieldwire captures the day-to-day communication between all parties involved in a project to help improve collaboration and task management. With other program management tools, this information could take days to reach the intended audience or may end up being lost completely. The app was developed to be simple and intuitive and the developers claim that anyone familiar with sending a text message is able to effectively use it.

The app is available for purchase at several levels. It is free for up to 5 users, $19/user/month for up to 15 users, and $49/user/month for up to 100 users. They also offer an unlimited plan for big builders.

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