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PlanGrid 2.4

PlanGrid 2.4

PlanGrid 2.4

PlanGrid 2.4 is an interactive blueprint app that allows users to upload, share, annotate, and sync blueprints on an iPad and in the cloud. The app basically allows builders to maintain a real-time version of plans that can be changed and updated as a project develops. Instead of traditional paper blueprints that can only be at one place at one time, the PlanGrid app makes it easy to update progress, communicate changes, and keep an entire team updated via the web. The software leafs in new drawings so users can always see previous versions at any time and easily identify any changes to a project. Users can add or delete any annotations at any time and send push notifications to the master planner as well as a camera feature that allows team members to take real-time photos of progress and allow the rest of the team to see them instantly. 

The app is very user friendly.  Simply login to your account and you can create a new project or view any projects you already have. For a new project you can upload all drawings and attach any specs or other relevant documents to the project. Once the project is uploaded you can publish them to allow the rest of your team access to the drawings. There is also a measurement tool that allows you to easily scale and measure your drawings by simply dragging your fingertip. 

The app is being used by engineers, architects, builders, and many more in the industry. The company has three different pricing options available to users: Hammer (which allows 50 sheets of storage free), Nailgun at $19.99/month (up to 550 sheets), and Dozer at $49.99/month (up to 5,000 sheets). 

To learn more about the app and to give it a try for yourself, visit their website at







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