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Range Hood Make-Up Air Specifier Tool

Broan has created a Range Hood Make-Up Air (MUA) Specifier Tool, which is an online tool to help builders, contractors, code officials and other building professionals find code-compliant solutions for range hood make-up air.

The new Range Hood Make-Up Air Specifier Tool helps building professionals more efficiently and accurately determine their make-up air solution system. The tool recommends solutions based on input such as geographic location, range hood type, duct characteristics, exhaust rate and home leakage rate. By using the tool, users can be confident that the BROAN ®, NuTone® and BEST® branded products they choose will meet these make-up air codes and regulations.

“With the new Range Hood Make-Up Air Specifier Tool, we are striving to provide HVAC professionals, builders and code officials with a more effective way to quantify and size make-up air systems,” says Brian Wellnitz, marketing manager, kitchen ventilation, Broan-NuTone. “It’s a very flexible tool, and we expect it will help take some of the confusion out of meeting make-up air regulations.”

The Range Hood Make-Up Air Specifier Tool ensures that a building’s make-up air system is up to code by estimating the design flow rates of range hood exhaust, taking into account duct system losses as well as the home’s air leakage rate and the design depressurization of the building envelope. The tool will assist the user in identifying the quantity and size of  BROAN Make-Up Air Dampers that can be used to comply with building codes for the user’s unique situations.

In addition, the solutions provided by the Range Hood Make-Up Air Specifier Tool can be printed and used as a cut sheet (pictured above) to demonstrate the design’s code compliance to officials. Building professionals can also order products and parts based on this cut sheet.

For more information on the new Range Hood Make-Up Air Specifier Tool, visit, or, or click here to use the tool.


Broan Press Release – January 28th, 2013



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