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Whole House Mechanical Ventilation (WHMV) Specifier Tool

As houses have gotten tighter, the ventilation requirements in code have gotten increasingly stringent. Ask a homeowner what whole-house mechanical ventilation is, and they'll likely have no idea. But since 2012, this term has been part of their builders' lexicon. Selecting a system that complies with code requirements is the first challenge, but sorting through the myriad of options can be even more difficult.

Newport Partners has partnered with Broan-NuTone to demystify specification and documentation of code-compliant ventilation systems in low-rise dwelling units. The partnership has resulted in the development of three unique tools that provide builders and designers with industry-leading support when specifying ventilation systems: a whole-house mechanical ventilation specifier, a makeup air damper specifier, and an allowable duct length calculator. Check out all three of the tools here.

The Whole House Mechanical Ventilation (WHMV) Specifier Tool is an online tool to help builders, contractors, and architects select home ventilation products that conform to code and green building standards.

“Broan-NuTone is the first manufacturer to offer assistance to builders and other professionals who need to abide by new ventilation codes but may be unsure of which ventilation solution is most appropriate for a project,” said Patrick Nielsen, the company’s marketing manager for ventilation fans.

The Whole-House Mechanical Ventilation Specifier is a web-based tool that gathers all of the growing number of statewide codes that affect ventilation standards. It’s designed to help professionals identify code-compliant, customized whole-house ventilation systems based on factors such as site location, square footage, number of bedrooms and whether or not the home is Energy Star V3 or LEED certified.

For more information on the Whole House Mechanical Ventilation Specifier Tool, visit or click here to use the tool.

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