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High Performance Insulation

Icynene, Inc.’s new insulation product, the Icynene LD-R-50, is the next generation of high performance insulation.  The Icynene LD-R-50 is a renewable based, 0.5 lb., water blown spray foam insulation.  This product exhibits all the same features as Icynene’s original spray foam product.  The key difference is that it accomplishes all of this with a renewable content – high yield castor oil.

The castor oil has been substituted in place of a percentage of the petroleum-based polyol.  Due to the fact that the LD-R-50 contains a renewable content - the castor oil - greater than 7% of its total weight, it qualifies as a bio-based material.  This is important because use of this product will now help contribute toward a building’s attainment of credits or points under a variety of federal programs and / or national green building standards.

The benefits of utilizing castor oil in place of the petroleum based content are numerous.  For instance:

  • Castor bean plants, the source of the castor oil, are grown on marginal land that cannot be used to grow other food crops.  Thus, castor beans are not grown at the expense of other food products.
  • Castor bean plants absorb carbon dioxide when they are grown.
  • Castor crops are non-irrigated and require only natural rainfall which serves to conserve water resources.

Castor oil is classified as a rapidly renewable resource product.  According to the USGBC, this means that the product is made from plants that are harvested within a ten-year cycle or shorter.

Icynene LD-R-50 is appropriate for new construction and major retrofits.  It is available in the U.S. only and will be available after March 1st, 2009.


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