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Insulating Concrete Form Deck
Insulataing Concrete Form Deck

Insulating Concrete Form Decks

Like insulating concrete forms for walls, ICF’s floor decks are reinforced polystyrene panels that create the structure of the floor or roof assembly.  These panels are filled with 2” to 4” of concrete placed on top of the deck assembly. The forms have an R-value of approximately R-3.8/inch and provide a sound barrier. The forms can include piping for radiant or hydronic heating systems. 

There is variation amongst manufacturers regarding form shapes, sizes, and installation practices. One specific variation of this system uses 2 foot wide foam panels with integral steel joists providing temporary support. Most systems require a shoring system to support the dead weight of construction until the concrete cures. Because of this, the initial cost of installation may be greater than traditional wood construction however the ICF floor decks are inherently more durable.

ICF floor decks can be stronger, more rigid, and span a greater distance than traditional wood systems. They provide added thermal resistance and for floors over crawl space foundations or in unheated basements, they provide a well-insulated thermal barrier. The reinforced concrete is permanent and is fire, water, and termite resistant. The ICF floor decks provide a solution for decks over raised foundations where flooding may be an issue.

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