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APEX BlockAPEX Block, from APEX Construction Systems, Inc.

Polystyrene and Cement Blocks

The APEX Block, from APEX Construction Systems, Inc., is a building material that is green in composition while remaining energy efficient in its design.  The good news for builders is that this product also promises faster construction – at up to 250 square feet per day.

The blocks are made from a combination of recycled expanded polystyrene and cement.  Expanded polystyrene is actually polystyrene and other polymers that have been expanded with air through the use of heat.  As a result, expanded polystyrene is approximately 90% air.  The use of APEX blocks in the construction of a new home will keep approximately 2,477 lbs. of polystyrene out of landfills.

APEX claims that its blocks can allow a household to save up to 50% on its heating and cooling bills.  Perhaps most importantly, the block is able to maintain its insulation performance over the entire life of the product.  The sustainability of such insulation performance is uncommon to other foam insulators.  The foam insulator can lose its insulation value over time.  This can result in what is known as thermal drift.  Thermal drift is a significant detriment to a home aspiring to become more energy efficient. 

The APEX Block can also offer homeowners resistance against sound transmission, insects and terminates, and mold and mildew.  Furthermore, APEX Block walls are a market leader in the area of fire resistance.  Its 4-hour fire resistance rating includes an exceptionally low smoke development rating, as well. 

The APEX Block can help builders achieve LEED points, as well.  In fact, according to the LEED New Construction Checklist (version 2.2.), up to 22 points can be attained through the use of APEX blocks.


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