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Prescient Construction Platform

Prescient Construction Platform

Launched in 2012 by founder John Vanker, the Prescient company based in Denver, CO is changing the game with a cost-effective, green construction platform. Driven by first-hand experience of how the building industry employs old and inefficient practices and the lack of new techniques to improve these methods, Vanker and partner Michael Lastowski decided to take action. Prescient offers a new approach to design and construction that is integrated from the design stage through final construction.

The Prescient construction platform increases efficiency and reduces waste by standardizing the separate elements of the construction industry. The software creates a virtual model of the structure of a building that integrates and aligns both the architectural and structural design of the project. By integrating these two elements, the software eliminates much of the usual conflict between building assemblies and structures in the field. Often these conflicts lead to delays and rework that significantly add to the cost of a project.

As for the platform itself, the Prescient model uses an innovative light gauge structural system that is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly. The system consists of standardized light gauge steel panels and cold rolled steel elements. Each of these steel columns, trusses, and panels is shaped according to the specifications developed through the software and manufactured at the company’s facility in Denver. The structure is cost competitive with wood and offers significant savings over concrete and heavy steel. Installation of the platform is much faster than installing lumber or concrete framing because of both the innovative software design and the use of light gauge steel. The system uses highly recycled steel components and all material waste is 100% recycled.

Since completing its first project in July 2013, the company is now seeing about 10 new projects a month. A new facility is scheduled to be opened in Houston, TX to allow for expansion. Currently, the company is focused on the multi-unit building sector including: apartments, dormitories, hotels, and condominiums.

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