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Thermawrap R5.0

Thermawrap R5.0

After two years of research and development, Dupont has recently launched the first insulating house wrap in the building industry. As codes continue to call for tighter homes and insulation remains a growing industry, this new house wrap gives builders an additional method of insulating homes from the outside. The two components, although now bonded together, still provide the same benefits as they would if installed on their own.

At its core, the Thermawrap R5.0 is standard Tyvek housewrap bonded to an insulation blanket. The Tyvek on the outside still keeps air and bulk water out of the walls, and also allowing moisture vapor to escape to the outside. The addition of the padded insulation blanket increases the temperature of the sheathing, reducing the likelihood of moisture vapor inside the walls. The product does not require any additional tools or unusual materials.  It is designed to be installed the same as housewrap with cap staples or nails. To cut the material, shears, rotary cutters, or a carpet knife work well.

The only one of its kind, the Thermawrap R5.0 will run 15%-20% higher for installation cost compared to premium housewrap.  It is currently available in 4-by-40 foot rolls at approximately 26 pounds. It is estimated that 20 rolls would outfit the average home.

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