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Translucent Concrete

Transparent Solar Cell

The future of concrete is transparent and Austrian-based Luccon is leading the way in the development of translucent concrete. Luccon concrete is made from high-strength concrete and light-conducting fabric through a process of prefabricated molds. Because the proportion of synthetic fibers is relatively low, the Luccon concrete has the same strength and durability as traditional concrete.

While translucent concrete isn’t necessarily “see-through” the use of optical fibers makes it possible to see light, shadows, colors and pictures through the stone.  The fiber strands make up about 5% of a block’s surface volume, which allows it to retain its density. The strands attract and transmit both natural and artificial light and are mixed with traditional concrete components and evenly distributed throughout to make the material. 

Translucent concrete has been used to make partition walls, stairs, decorative tiles, lamps, sidewalks, park benches, and various other products. While the fibers embedded into the concrete make it cost-prohibitive to currently use the material for large scale products, translucent concrete is being used on various other structures. As with any product, the future use and widespread applicability depends on reducing costs and better developmental processes. Currently, Luccon’s product comes in 3’ by 1’ slabs with thickness varying from 1”-4”. 

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