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ExoAir Trio

Developed by Tremco Sealants, ExoAir Trio is a gasket material that comes in a roll designed to seal the crack between window frames and window rough openings, as well as other similar cracks in the building envelope. 

ExoAir Trio is a flexible open-cell polyurethane foam tape that integrates acrylic resin.  Once it is installed on a window, the product expands creating an airtight, vapor-permeable seal.  The tape is installed on the rough sill before the window is inserted into the rough opening.  A glob of caulk is then placed in each of the four corners of the rough opening.  The tape is then applied to the jambs and head of the window frame.  Because the tape expands rather quickly, the installer must learn how to properly use the product before actually installing it in the window.

The product is compatible with vinyl, wood, concrete, aluminum, and most other building materials.  The tape is available in several widths and thicknesses.  It is designed to accommodate gaps from 3/16 inch to ¾ inch wide.  Upon delivery, the tape is about 5/32 inch thick and expands to 1 ½ inches within minutes once it is applied. 

The product is currently on the market and sells for about $3.07 per foot.  Small Planet Workshop sells a 19.7-foot roll that is 2 ½ inches wide for $60.50. 

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