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Heat Mirror Insulating Glass

Heat Mirror Insulating Glass by Southwall Technologies, Inc.

Heat Mirror Insulating Glass

The new Heat Mirror insulating glass by Southwall Technologies, Inc. uses two pieces of a high quality Low-E coated glass to contain three heat mirror films inside the window.  This approach allows the product to combine the best of film-based and glass-based technologies.  The product, featuring the Tri-Film / Quad-Cavity design, targets homeowners located in the most demanding weather conditions.  Or, these windows can also be purchased by anyone simply looking to obtain the highest performing window product.

The basic design is as follows - the three Heat Mirror films, which are sandwiched between the Low-E coated glass, create four air spaces inside the window.  The multi-cavity design does not create any additional weight.  Adding the Xenon gas filling, which is optional, allows the Tri-Film / Quad-Cavity heat mirror insulating glass to achieve an industry leading U-value of 0.05 (R-value of 20). 

Overall, this window provides the owner with the following benefits:

Unmatched Insulating Performance

The Tri-Film / Quad-Cavity Heat Mirror insulating glass windows are up to four times more effective than standard double pane glass in reducing heat loss.  The resulting annual energy savings provides an attractive return on investment for these windows.

Solar Shielding Capabilities

Each side of a home is exposed to different levels of solar exposure.  The sun can overheat one side of a home while leaving another cold and dark.  Southwall Technologies addresses this problem by allowing the homeowner to choose from a range of Heat Mirror coatings for each of the four orientations of the home.  For instance, windows on the west side of the home would require the highest level of coating while those on the north side would require comparatively less.

UV Protection

The Heat Mirror insulating glass blocks up to 99.5% of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation.  UV rays are harmful to furnishings and upholstery and can cause them to fade and deteriorate over time.  Studies indicate that fabrics contained within a home retain their color three times longer behind heat mirror insulating glass as opposed to clear single pane glass.

The Tri-Film / Quad-Cavity Heat Mirror insulating glass window can be used in new construction and retrofit applications.


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Director of Sales, Operations, and Customer Service
Southwall Technologies, Inc.


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