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Suntuitive Windows

Suntuitive Windows

Pleotint, a Michigan based company, has developed a proprietary Suntuitive interlayer technology for dynamic windows. The technology, which is applicable to both residential and commercial buildings, allows for an environmentally adaptive and affordable window system. The product can be applied to both retrofit and new construction projects.

How It Works

Windows with the Suntuitive interlayer technology automatically adjusts to the outdoor conditions (intensity of sunlight) and uses the sun’s energy to tint the window accordingly. When the sun hits the window, it absorbs and adjusts the tint level based on the intensity of the light. No wiring, power, or mechanical systems are required.

The interlayer is made of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) and is the first adaptive glazing interlayer developed for use in an insulated glass unit. The interlayer is laminated between two sheets of heat strengthened or tempered glass and can be made into double or triple pane depending on the desired performance level.

The interlayer that is currently available is 65 inches long and the film can be made into 300 foot rolls.


Occupant Comfort: Suntuitive helps to minimize unwanted solar heat gain by adapting the tint of the window relative to the intensity of the sun. It allows for more comforting natural sunlight.

Versatility: The technology will adjust the tint according to the relative intensity of the sunlight directly in contact with the window. It is available with a wide variety of glass and is not limited in regards to aesthetics.

Cost Savings: Suntuitive is completely powered by the sun so there are no additional costs related to energy consumption. The adaptive tinting results in improved comfort and less of a demand on the heating and cooling system of the structure. It also helps to block damaging UV and fading.

Additionally, the technology is impact resistant providing additional security and also helps to reduce sound penetration. Over 3,000 units of Suntuitive have already been installed on a variety of residential and commercial buildings. Check out some of these projects.

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