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Simomton Windows has launched its new window spacer system called, Supercept.

Window Spacer System

Simonton Windows has recently launched its new cutting edge window spacer system, called Supercept, for inclusion on its ProFinish, ProFinish Brickmould, Reflections, and Prism product lines.  Simonton’s Supercept system was designed to prevent seal failure, which is the most common reason for follow-up service to window products.  Seal failures typically result in costly repairs, as well.

A proper spacer system is crucial to the window’s overall performance level.  If a spacer is too stiff, a sudden and sustained change in temperature will cause the panes to not mesh together properly, causing seal failure.  This will compromise the thermal performance of the window.  The U-Shape of the Supercept allows for an adequate amount of flex to maintain the seal in a variety of climate types.      

The Supercept was designed to address performance requirements in four main areas:

Strength & Flexibility

The Supercept utilizes a U-shaped construction that allows the system to flex in response to temperature changes.  This results in significantly less stress on the window.  However, the spacer system is strong enough to maintain the structural integrity of the window unit.

Sealant Effectiveness & Argon Gas Retention

Stainless steel, which creates a complete barrier against gas transmission, combined with a sealant to provide a moisture vapor barrier, enables the Supercept to maximize the insulation value of the window over time.

Warm Edge Technology

This refers to the window’s ability to reduce heat transfer at the leading edge of the window.  Heat transfer at this location will result in condensation.  The Supercept is a leader in warm edge technology.

Thermal Performance

The Supercept provides exceptional thermal performance.  This reduces energy costs and serves to increase the overall comfort level of the home.

Window products with the Supercept spacer system can be ordered to meet EnergyStar standards across the country.


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